OpticRed Hubble4

Red_Icon32    The StarburstGalaxy1 OpticRed Hubble4 theme features a spectacular high resolution Hubble Space Telescope composite image of the starburst galaxy known as Messier82 (M82). M82 is a galactic star factory with plumes of hydrogen (red) and new stars spewing outward from the center.

This Optic theme features high contrast red text on a dark textured background and a bright header bar on the active tab that together are great for navigating through tabs and bookmarks. The high resolution graphic background is easy on the eyes and makes a great cover-up for a busy desktop.

This theme is available in 5 different screen widths to look great in full screen and windowed modes: 1920px, 1600px, 1280px, 1024px, 800px. Pick the size that's as wide or wider than your screen's resolution.

Credits: NASA (, ESA (, The Hubble Heritage Team (, STScI (, AURA ( Acknowledgements: M. Mountain (STScI), P. Puxley (NSF, J. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin)

Download Links

StarburstGalaxy1·OR Hubble4: 800px wide

StarburstGalaxy1·OR Hubble4: 1024px wide

StarburstGalaxy1·OR Hubble4: 1280px wide

StarburstGalaxy1·OR Hubble4: 1600px wide

StarburstGalaxy1·OR Hubble4: 1920px wide